Over 25 years experience

1987 - Doriano Lilli with his brother set up the company Lilli Serramenti Snc with goal on the production of aluminium and wood windows and doors.

1992 - The company approaches the French market establishing a branch in Paris under the trademark  Lilli - Style Italia, realizing numerous projects.

1996 - Lilli patents its system for Aluminium-Wood windows and doors, FUTUR.AL.L., certified by ICITE.

1998 - Thanks to the high quality of its realizations, the company expands its business cooperating with some of the bigger Italian contractors, the company become Lilli Serramenti Srl.

2000 ahead - Lilli Serramenti Srl specializes itself in the realization of façades and special structures being recognized as one of the Italian leaders of the field.

2004 - It's the year of breakthrough, studing solutions technically and economically profitable for its customers, is developed and patented (today internationally) the innovative system for the realization of punctual façades with spherical joint without drilled glasses.

2005 - It's completed the expansion of the production site, Lilli  is now located in an area di 20.000 sqm with 3.500 of them covered.

2006 - Comes Sun-Shade, the patented system for double façade with integrated sunbreaker.

2007 - The company attends the exhibition SAIE 2 in Bologna - Italy bringing the business abroad with the first supplies of its systems.

2008 - With target in development, production and commercialization of building envelope systems, is estabilished Lilli Systems Srl.

today - Thanks to the continuous activity of reserch and development, Lilli has now a wide range of solutions to propose to its customers and it is present with own representatives in many countries of the world.