Punctual Façade
The very innovative system, the ONLY in the world with spherical joint without drilling the glasses, internationally patented, allows the realization of every façade, roof, skylight or canopy with every material for the main frame.

The Clamping System

The system is realized with a support and an external pressure, either in aluminium, connected with a screw that, combined with spherical caps in Derlin, allow the realization of punctual façades with spherical joint without drilled glasses.

The Mounting System

Made by aluminium profiles and fittings, allows the easy realization of façades with variable angles thanks to special designed grooves with 15° spacing to insert the fittings.


Non drilled glasses
Non tempered glasses (when allowed)
Every glass type can be used with the same easiness - single glass/laminated glass/double glazing/photovoltaic - as well as every kind of cladding material
Easy angles realization always using the same standard bracket
Easy realization of two directions curved façades
No need of special parts
Adjustable in three directions
No wastages due to wrong drilling
Easy installation due to the lack of holes that makes easy the positioning of panels
Easy maintenance
Very low cost realization