Ventilated Façade
The offer is wide and goes from glass ventilated façade with punctual anchorage to the façade in thin ceramic with continuous aluminium frame and glued panels.

Ventilated façade with punctual fixation


Maximum flexibility in the realizations - when spandrel parts are required in the building, the look is the same of that the transparent façades
Possibility of using enameled glasses as well as screen printed or etched

Ventilated façade in thin ceramic


Very high durability of the materials
Fire resistant panels
Very light panels
Wide formats compared with the standard ceramic systems up to 3600×1200 mm
Wide range of finishings with matte or patterned look

Benefits for all the versions

Adjustable in three directions
Adjustable gap from the wall for using insulation up to 200 mm
All independent panels
Easy installation
Easy maintenance
Very low cost solution